Stephen Pye

Former Master's Student
degree: MLA
degree-year: 2017

Steve Pye recently graduated from the MLAEP program at UC Berkeley. Before coming to Berkeley’s Environmental Planning MLA program, Steve received a BA in Environmental Studies and Planning from Sonoma State University, and began working for Dragonfly Stream Enhancement, a small firm specializing in salmonid habitat restoration, including large woody debris installation, stream bank stabilization, grading, and riparian plantings. He gained experience in project management, heavy equipment operation, and communicating effectively with contractors, customers, and project managers from government and nonprofit entities. In early 2015, he began part-time with the Sonoma Land Trust (SLT) working at Sears Point, where SLT completed a 1,000-acre tidal marsh restoration project.

Steve's masters thesis focused on how to update the Sears Point management plan, especially as it applies to the gullied upland areas.