Pedro Pinto

Former Graduate Student | Urban Planner & Post-Doc Researcher, University of Lisbon
degree: Ph.D. Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

Pedro completed his Ph.D. in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at UC Berkeley. He now works as an urban planner and post-doc researcher at the University of Lisbon. He has studied the relationship between cities and rivers, including studies over the evolution of urban river fronts and issues of connectivity, combining environmental and social/urban perspectives.

While at U.C. Berkeley, his PhD dissertation research focused on the impacts of sea-level rise over urbanized estuaries. With case-studies such as the San Francisco Bay and the Tagus Estuary at Lisbon, Portugal, his research produced coastal flooding maps and an historical analysis of the occupation of estuarine lowlands in both regions. Through historical map and document analysis, he identified possible triggers and factors that could explain the differences. He also compared current environmental governance frameworks were equally compared, and highlighted possible constraints to future adaptation efforts in Lisbon and San Francisco.

Besides his PhD in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, with Matt Kondolf as Chair, he has an MSc in Urban Science and Management from the University of Lisbon.


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