Daniela Pina Corvillon

John Northmore Roberts & Associates

Daniela focuses on Design and Restoration of Natural Ecological Functions at the interface of human and wild space. Daniela works at John Northmore Roberts & Associates in Berkeley, CA, where they plan, design, & manage various-scale projects that integrate human uses into natural areas, and restore natural functions on urban environment. At John Northmore Roberts and Associates, Daniela works primary with the National Park Service; with committed NGOS that support conservation of natural areas; cities that integrate ecology into urban space; and private clients that envision the integration of wild habitat and ecological design into their gardens.

At the same time, Daniela has pursued an international volunteer career in Chile and Cuba, where she provides integrated solutions to environmental and social problems in marginal high-need areas. With continues support of UC Berkeley, Matt Kondolf and local NGOs, she has been persuade a River Restoration Project in Palma Soriano, Cuba. Moreover Daniela and Matt can be found collaborating with different local partners in Chile, from the public and private agencies to local academic institutions, to address the complex problems associates with separating natural hydrologic process from the patterns of human settlement. The ecologically-based solutions being proposed focus on restoration and nourishing of the native landscape.

The integration of a social and art perspective that Daniela brings into the environmental discussion enriches the resolution of conflict between human and wild environments. Her passion and commitment to natural hydrologic cycles challenge her to find creative ways to bring sensitive design solutions to the environmental crisis and our infrastructure challenges.

Contact Email: www.dcorvillon.com