Arielle “Ari” Simmons-Steffen

Former Graduate Student | GIS Data Engineer, Tableau Software
degree: MLA-EP
degree-year: 2009

Ari currently works as a GIS Data Engineer at Tableau Software in Seattle, WA.  Her day-to-day work builds from the GIS and visualization skills that she honed while a student in LAEP. Her interest in furthering the technology that supports sound environmental decision making was highlighted in her master's thesis work where she used a variety of remote sensing techniques to track the spectral signature of the Mediterranean invasive: Arundo donax.

Overall, Ari is passionate about open source GIS data and open source technology. She publicly shares code through her personal github repo and is an active member in her local open-source GIS community. Even though she is fluent in the ESRI ArcGIS suite, much of her recent work focuses on building GIS workflows and products that utilize open source tools and standards.

Outside of work, she enjoys getting outside and exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband (another Berkeley alum from Computational Biology). Together, they take some pretty legendary fishing trips: such as my 2014 Boundary Waters vacation. Also, she is always experimenting with low-cost remote sensing techniques using kites and drones.