Colloquium Lecture: Social Connectivity of Urban Rivers

Wednesday, September 5, 2018, 315A Wurster Hall, UC Berkeley, 1:10PM – 2:00PM

Professor G. Mathias Kondolf
University of California, Berkeley Landscape Arch. & Environmental Planning, Co-Director Global Metropolitan Studies













Social connectivity of urban rivers is the communication and movement of people, goods, ideas, and culture along and across rivers, recognizing longitudinal, lateral, and vertical connectivity, social interactions that are especially intense and pervasive in urban reaches of rivers. Urban riverfront projects have become ubiquitous in the developed, and increasingly in the developing worlds, but these projects raise questions about what constitutes ‘restoration’ in the urban context, and to what degree natural processes and ecological values can be restored in an urban context.


Mathias Kondolf is a fluvial geomorphologist, Professor of Environmental Planning at the University of California Berkeley, and fellow at the Collegium, Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Lyon, France. He teaches courses in hydrology, river restoration, and environmental science. He researches human-river interactions, including managing flood-prone lands, urban rivers, sediment in rivers and reservoirs, and river restoration and advises governments and non-governmental organizations on sustainable management of rivers.