Seminar Series: Water Management: Past and Future Adaptations

Water Management: Past and Future Adaptations

Fall 2018 Interdisciplinary Faculty Seminar Schedule

223 Moses Hall (unless otherwise indicated)


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24 August 10a-1p

City-river interactions across time.

Rubina Raja (University of Aarhus) and Alan Farahani (University of Nevada Las Vegas)


04 September 330-5p

Integrated water management: floods, water supply, and wastewater in Casablanca.

Dalila Loudyi (Hassan II University of Casablanca, Fulbright scholar at Stanford University)


11 September 330-5p – Rm 315A Wurster Hall

Parallel trends in river evolution across continents in the Anthropocene: implications for sustainable water and environment.

Peter Downs (University of Plymouth)


12 October 1030-1p – Rm 1000 Wurster Hall

Managing sediment at the river basin scale: too-much or too-little sediment across borders.  

Steve McCaffrey (McGeorge Law School), Rafael Schmitt (Stanford University), Mike Kiparsky (Boalt)


26 October 1030-1p

Managing sediment at the river basin scale: sediment-starved rivers and sand rights for the coast.

Carrie Monohan (Sierra Fund), Katherine Stone (MWGJF, retired), discussant: Holly Doremus (Boalt)


02 November 1030a-1p

River and reservoir sustainability in a monsoon climate: experience from Taiwan.

Hsiao-Wen Wang (National Cheng Kung University Taiwan)


16 November 1030-1p

Coastal impacts of sediment starvation.