Mark R. Tompkins

Affiliated scientists, former PhD student

Mark Tompkins is an engineer, scientist, and planner with over 20 years experience developing and implementing water resources and aquatic ecosystem restoration projects, with a focus on on flood management, river restoration, applied fluvial geomorphology, and aquatic ecology. Dr. Tompkins serves on interdisciplinary technical advisory committees for the San Joaquin River Restoration Program and the Cache Creek Improvement Program, where he advises on large-scale water supply, flood, and ecosystem management issues. Over the past decade Dr. Tompkins has planned, designed, and implemented dozens of flood management and ecosystem restoration projects on the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers and many of their tributaries, the Bay Delta, the Klamath River, and many other river systems across the country. Dr. Tompkins has been actively engaged in the National Academy of Engineers Frontiers program, organizing and participating in interdisciplinary symposia in Germany, India, and Kuwait. Dr. Tompkins is also a leader in the application of open data standards and open source analytics to the adaptive management of water resources and aquatic ecosystems.