Giyoung Ock

Former Postdoc/Visiting Scholar | Senior Researcher, National Institute of Ecology
degree: Postdoctoral Student
degree-year: 2013

Giyoung is a River Ecological Engineer with extensive experiences from Korea, Japan, Italy and United States in the area of ‘River / Dam Environment Management and Restoration’, specializing in (i) Assessment of Dam and Reservoir Impacts on River Channel Geomorphology and Ecological Functions, (ii) Process-based River Ecological Restoration through Integrated sediment Management and e-flow in river basin, and (iii) Habitatology of the science for structure, function and maintenance mechanisms of habitat for anadromous fishes such as salmon and Ayu fishes, and (iv) Stable isotope ecology: analyses of δ13C/ δ15N from organic matter for aquatic foodweb study, and δ18O/δ2H from water for source tracing and partitioning.

He was in Berkeley as Postdoctoral researcher from 2011 to 2013, studying a process-based river restoration for linking sediment management and ecological functions in regulated rivers below dams. He conducted a research project entitled “assessment of habitat complexity and ecological functions provided by gravel bars resulting from gravel augmentation and channel rehabilitation” in the Trinity River located in northern California, in collaboration with Trinity River Restoration Program (TRRP), funded by US Bureau of Reclamation.