Mia van Docto

Conservation Hydrologist, Trout Unlimited

Mia works as a Conservation Hydrologist for Trout Unlimited. Her work focuses on coastal hydrology, ecological flow thresholds, conservation planning, coho salmon and steelhead trout recovery and translating findings into recovery prioritization actions and regional polices. She specializes in using a combination of field-based data, numerical modeling and geospatial tools to characterize hydrologic process, land-use and human water needs.

While at UC Berkeley, Mia focused on fluvial geomorphology, river restoration and conservation planning. Publications

Deitch, M.J., van Docto, M., and Feirer, S. 2016. A spatially explicit framework for assessing the effects of weather and water rights on streamflow. Applied Geography 67: 14–26.

Contact Email: mvandocto AT tu.org