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Rubin, Z, GM Kondolf, B. Rios-Touma. 2017. Evaluating Stream Restoration Projects: What Do We Learn from Monitoring? Water 9, 174. Pinto, PJ, and GM Kondolf. 2016. Evolution of two urbanized estuaries: environmental change, legal framework, and implications for sea-level rise vulnerability. Water 8, 535

Science and Restoration on Unstable Terrain


19-24 June 2017, Petrolia, California The Mattole River flows through an exceptionally dynamic landscape on Humboldt County’s Lost Coast.  Salmon historically thrived here despite periodic disturbances from earthquakes and intense storms, but massive clear-cutting in the mid-20th century set the stage for widespread loss of habitat resulting from accelerated erosion, excessive suspended fine sediment loads,…

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Sustainable Sediment Management in Dams

Foto:César Muñoz/ANDES

Escuela Politécnica Nacional, Quito, Ecuador 12 May 2017 Professor Matt Kondolf will present a keynote talk, “Planning dams for basin-scale sustainable sediment management” at a conference on sustainable sediment management in reservoirs (Perspectivas y retos del manejo sostenible de sedimentos en represas: Estrategias de manejo y mitigación de impactos) held at the Escuela Politécnica Nacional…

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River Basins and Development Trajectories: Cases from Africa, Asia and Europe

Terje Tvedt, Tarek Ketelsen Weds 05 April 0945-1145, Rm 223 Moses Hall, UC Berkeley With the increasing pace of development of water resources, including a doubling of global hydroelectric generating capacity anticipated within the next two decades, rivers are under mounting human pressure, with increasing potential for water-related conflicts, especially on rivers that cross state…

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